Design I and Honors Design II Syllabus

Housing and Interior Design Information

Mrs.Darlene DeBruine

Aycock High School

Phone: (919) 242-3400



Welcome to Housing and Interior Design class.  I am looking forward to a GREAT semester.  I have high expectations for you and what you will be learning.  This course is an important class that will teach you skills that you will use the rest of your life.  This class is different from some of your other courses.  You will have projects that correspond to your class material in this class.   You will have also have deadlines that you will be responsible for meeting.  If class behavior allows, I hope to do some exciting things! I expect 100% effort from each of you! There are some important things that you need to know that will make our year run smoothly and provide the best environment for you to learn. 


  1.  Mutual respect for yourself and others
  2. Be at the appropriate place at the appropriate time with the appropriate materials
  3. Always do your best
  4. Follow all school rules



  1. Praise:  Every day
  2. The Joy of Learning:  EVERYDAY!!!!!



3-ring binder (1 inch)                                                               
Loose-leaf notebook paper
Pens, pencils, highlighters, sharpie                          
Sheet protectors                                                           



  1. Final Exam                                                                                                          20%
  2. Class assignments,                                                                                          40%
  3. Quizzes                                                                                                               20%
  4. Notebook                                                                                                           20%



  1.  Starting Class:
    1. Bring all necessary materials with you to class
    2. Enter class respectfully
    3. Sharpen all pencils before the bell rings
    4. Working in groups
      1. Be respectful to everyone in your group
      2. All group members are expected to participate
      3. All group members are responsible for making sure classroom is the way you found it. Leaving the classroom not properly cleaned will result in a grade deduction.
    5. Leaving seat
      1. Only when directed by the teacher
    6. Leaving room
      1. Only with hall pass (school wide policy)
      2. Only if absolutely necessary.  If you must leave for a bathroom break, you must take a hall pass.
  2. During Class:
    1. No talking during announcements
    2. Remain quiet and attentive during teacher instruction
    3. Participate in class discussion with relevant thoughts and ideas.  Raise hand if you have a question or comment and wait on teacher to call on you
    4. When I need your attention I will raise my hand and say “hey guys”
      1. You freeze
      2. Turn and face me – pay attention, eyes on me
      3. Be ready for instruction – I will have something to say
  3. Turning in assignments
    1. Must include first and last name and date at the top of your paper.
    2. You can write in pen or pencil, but all work must be neat.
    3. All assignments must be turned into the appropriate bin on the front table, unless I specifically ask you to turn it in to me
  4. Leaving class
    1. The bell does not dismiss you – you do not dismiss you – the teacher dismisses you! Do not leave until such time.
  5. Absences/Make-up work
    1. It is your responsibility to obtain make-up work.  Check with a fellow student.  Check the file box for your class to get any missed handouts. 
    2. You must schedule missed tests with me.
  6. Miscellaneous
    1. Teacher’s desk is off limits unless given permission.
    2. No exam exemptions in vocational classes. All students are required to take the final exam.
    3. Any electronic devices (cell phones, ipods, etc.) must be turned OFF and out of sight during class.  If I see or hear one, then I take it until the end of class.  .  If I see it again, it gets turned into the office
    4. No grooming during class (combing hair, make-up, etc.)



1.0   Interpret Individual and Family Housing Needs

2.0   Evaluate options and legal aspects of housing

3.0   Understand and apply the elements and principles of design and color

4.0   Analyze interior background treatments

5.0   Recognize and evaluate home furnishings

6.0   Understand architectural styles and construction components

7.0   Understand aspects of a well-designed house

8.0   Interpret levels of comfort and safety in home design

9.0   Understand and apply home maintenance

10.0   Recognize career opportunities in interior design and housing

Design II Honors


  1. Analyze Career Techniques
  2. Interpret Career Development
  3. Evaluate Business Skills for Entrepreneurship
  4. Apply elements and principles of design
  5. Space planning
  6. Architectural Drawings

3 additional projects will be required (Honors Course)

1 Window treatment

2 Culture project

3 3-D House design


Let’s have a great Semester!!!     Mrs. DeBruineJ



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