Syllabus - Career Management


Darlene DeBruine- Instructor CC45


Course Syllabus


Course 0ffered:  Fall,

Course Name: Career Management


Charles B. Aycock High

P. O. Box 159, Pikeville, NC 27863

Phone 919-242-3400


Note: You are required to have, at every class session, your

          Career Management Notebook.



ICourse Description

A course designed to prepare students to locate, secure, keep, and change careers. Competencies for this course are based on the National Career Development Guidelines. Strategies for this course include teamwork, technology, problem-solving, decision-making, goal setting, and self-management.



Course Objectives:  Upon completion of this course the student will:


     1.0:   Evaluate individual characteristics/traits, interests/preferences, ability levels,

  skills acquisition, talents/aptitudes & values in relation to setting & achieving   

  personal, social, lifestyle, educational, & career goals.

              Develop positive interpersonal skills including respect for diversity.

              Integrate growth and change into your development.

             Balance personal, leisure, community, learner, family and work.

  2.0: Attain educational achievement and performance levels needed to reach           personal and career goals.

Participate in ongoing, lifelong experiences to enhance your ability to function effectively in a diverse and changing economy.

             3.0: Create a career plan that leads to the achievement of career goals

            Create a job application package & career portfolio etc.



Teaching Strategies

Career Management is a lecture based course designed to teach the fundamental concepts to locate, secure, keep, & change careers.


Present the material in a visually appealing & exciting manner that invites students to learn; utilizing various strategies including, but not limited to:  multimedia production, internet searches, crossword puzzles, review questions, games, etc.


Provide exercises & lab assignments that allow students to interact w/ a computer & actually learn by using a computer, their own intelligence, & peers teaching.


Vocabulary:   Students will be given a list of vocabulary words prior to teaching a new unit. They will be assessed on these words during and at the conclusion of each unit.


Writing:   Students will be given a vast amount of writing. They will be creating career profiles, resumes, cover letters, etc.


Projects:   Students will have numerous projects to be completed during and at the end of each unit. A rubric will be used to evaluate all projects.



II.  Grading Criteria:


Classwork: It is the expectation that students complete all assigned activities.


Each activity will be worth a maximum of 100 points with one point subtracted for error/skipped question depending on assignment.  A grading scale is based on total points possible as follows:


A= 90-100% of total pts.

B= 80-89% of total pts.

C= 70-79% of total pts.

D= 60-69% of total pts.


Grade will be computed as follows:

Class work 40                                      

Quizzes 20

Notebook 20

Exam - 20



III.  Assignment Explanations



Make-Up Work

To receive credit for a course, a student who is absent is responsible for making up all assigned work regardless of the reason for the absence. Class work must be made up within 3 days.  It is the student’s/parent’s responsibility to contact the teacher & arrange for these assignments to be made up in a reasonable period of time.





IV.  Student Management

It is the expectation that all students govern themselves accordingly in order to maintain a positive learning environment.  All students deserve to receive a quality education.  With this said, please avoid being tardy, absent, &/or disruptive whenever possible.  Discipline problems will be handled internally if a problem should arise, ie. student conferences, seat movement, assignment of detention, etc.


V.  Attendance

Good attendance at school is essential if students are to do well.  Good attendance will certainly improve grades and, more importantly, a student’s understanding of the material being covered. 






Remember you are a falcon be responsible and Dependable 

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