Announcements, etc.

The 2016 shirts and shorts...


Shirts and shorts were distributed and worn as our uniform during August and September events until our first contest.  A limited number of shirts and shorts may still available.  If interested, just ask!  If ordered a shirt and have not received it, let Mr. Palmer know ASAP.
If you want to have a great band, we must all have PRIDE...
Developing this form of PRIDE will help us be more and more successful!  The upperclassmen, especially the student leaders, are expected to be the example of this philosophy. We MUST symbolize the respect and dignity we expect from others, especially our parents, faculty, staff, and fellow members!
Our next booster meeting is scheduled for Thursday, April 6th at 6 PM in the bandroom. It will continue planning for the the 2016-2017 school year, including fundraising, chaperoning, and more! We need help from ALL parents willing to help make the experience the best it can be!   Every participating student should have a parent there to represent them.  Everyone's busy, but we need the support of our parents and community if we want to continue to grow and prosper!!! 
Highlights of 2016-17....

Cleveland Critique & Competition (9/24/16):  3rd in class; 3rd place music, effect, visual performance, percussion, and color guard

Brick Capital Classic @ Lee County HS (10/29/16):  1st in class; 1st place marching, general effect, percussion, and color guard; 2nd place drum major

White Oak Band Classic (11/12/16):  1st place color guard; 2nd place general effect and drum major; 3rd place percussion

Winner of Kenly Christmas Parade Toy Drive

1 student selected for All-District Band

11 students selected for WCPS All County Band

4 students selected for UNCP Honor Jazz Band Festival

2 students selected for UNCP Honor Band Festival

5 students selected for University of Mt. Olive Honor Band

Highest Concert Band MPA rating since 2004

Are you ready to continue writing the legacy of the 2016-17 year?
                                                       Don't let your instrument sit in the case!                                                       

There are no shortcuts to greatness.  Keep practicing!!!!
What can YOU do to be ready? 
What legacy do you want?
What do you want people to say and remember about YOUR Band?
Which is more important, fun or success? 
Can you have both?  How?