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This page is designed to answer many of the common questions from incoming students and their parents associated with participation in the high school band.  Hopefully you'll find your answers here....  if not, please contact the band director via phone, email, or at one the various open houses or concerts.  You may also find information in our band handbook.  Students receive a hard copy of the handbook and it is also available in the "Important Documents" section of this website.
Q:  What band classes are available at CBA?
A:  Marching Band I-IV is offered in the fall.  Concert Band I- IV is offered in the spring.  Students should consult the director for the particular level.  All incoming freshmen should enroll in Level I classes at the beginning level.  

Percussion students participating in the fall w/ the marching band should sign up for Percussion Techniques instead of Marching Band, but spring percussion students should enroll in concert band along with all of the woodwind and brass players.  

We also offer a flag guard class for color guard students in the fall and jazz ensemble class in the spring as well. Band students are highly encouraged to take fall and spring semesters in order to get the full high school band experience.  Most students that only take 1 semester end up wishing they'd taken both semesters and can struggle to keep up w/ peers.
Q:  Who can participate in band?
A:  Typically, enrollment is open for any student who has previous experience on woodwind, brass, or percussion instruments.

Marching and Concert Band are open to any interested students.  Special exceptions may be made to students willing to obtain and learn an instrument or learn to play a school-owned instrument not in use. 

Students must audition for spots in Percussion Techniques, Flag Guard, and Jazz Band, but we would like to tap into a larger number of students to audition for those spots.  You don't need to know everything, just have the desire to learn and have fun!  Jazz Band also has a limited number of spots for students who play piano, bass, guitar, and drumset.  Auditions for each of these classes are held prior to the new school year.  Students in jazz band or concert band may also be required to cover parts for the other ensembles both inside and outside of class as needed by the director.  
Q:  What are the benefits of high school band?
A:  The gift of music!  Students can learn a skill that can lead to personal enjoyment or even personal gain beyond high school and make great friends in the process! 

The opportunity to travel! 
Students in every ensemble will get opportunities to perform outside of the school day environment.  Students who excel may also get individual opportunities to audition for all district, all county, or be selected for another honor band. 

The opportunity to develop leadership! 
Student leaders exist at different levels and are given responsibilities that help develop leadership, education, planning, and a sense of responsibility. 

Development toward college!
  In today's competitive and expensive college environments, shouldn't students look for an edge?  That edge could be music!   There are many opportunities to travel and play at the college level while earning extra money for college, even as a major other than music.  Colleges are also looking for well-rounded students who can contribute something to the university and are more than just a GPA.... being involved in activities such as band at the high school level is essential to being a well rounded student and projecting as such to the next level.
Q:  What costs are associated with the bands at CBA?
A:  Students are responsible for all needed materials, including reeds, oils, etc.  All marching band students will also need the band t-shirt and shorts ordered during camp, a pair of marching band shoes, and a lyre/ flipfolder.  A sales representative is available during band camp to order marching shoes and other accessories.

The band uniforms are provided by the school system, but parents are responsible for getting it dry cleaned as needed

Color Guard students must purchase their uniform plus a track suit used in cold weather events. 

Jazz Band students are required to have a jazz band polo and the parts of a tuxedo, including a pleated white tuxedo shirt, a black bowtie and cummerbund, solid black dress pants (tuxedo pants preferred), and black dress shoes.  

Students will also be given a "fair share" expectation amount during fundraising efforts.  The funds raised go into an account handled by our booster association that helps provide needed assistance to the program in covering various important necessary operating costs such as competition fees, instrument repairs, new music or equipment, camp staff, drill, etc.  Parents may opt out of any individual fundraisers by becoming an individual sponsor of the CBA band, otherwise known as a "Friend of Music."
Q:  Will band prevent me from participating in other school activities such as clubs or sports?
A:  NO!!! The only sport or school activity that directly prevents participation in band is varsity football and that can even be worked out in some extreme circumstances.  In many cases with virtually all other sports, we have had band students playing nearly every other sport and participating in numerous clubs.  Although it takes some coordination along with a heightened sense of responsibility and determination to participate fully in multiple activities, the band program makes all attempts to be flexible whenever possible to share students with extracurricular activities like clubs and sports and realizes the value of a student with a completely well-rounded high school experience. 
Q: What if I have a class conflict?
 A.  The first thing is to make sure you have signed up for the correct class.  If you signed up for the correct class and didn't get it, then speak w/ your counselor to see if it can be fixed.  As with our band classes, some other classes may only be offered at a certain time and may directly conflict with band despite the best efforts to avoid such conflicts.  If another class has bumped you from taking the desired band class, you may still be able to participate.  Don't just disappear!  Speak with the director!
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