Questions for White's Analysis

1.       According to David White, what concept is Alice Walker exploring in “Everyday Use”?

2.       In what time period is “Everyday Use” set?

3.       According to David White, what theme does Walker use Mama, Dee, and Maggie to clarify?

4.       Who narrates “Everyday Use”?

5.       According to David White, Mama’s pride in her ability to clean a hog and work with her hands leads the reader to conclude that Mama takes pride in what aspects of her nature?

6.       On what is Mama’s inherent understanding of heritage based?

7.       When Mama moves up to touch the quilts, who is she reaching out to touch?

8.       What does Walker use quilts to symbolize?

9.       On what is Mama’s appreciation for the dasher and the quilts based?

10.   According to White, what does Dee symbolize?

11.   According to White, what does Walker suggest needs to be given more respect?

Name four things Dee takes.

12.   Thing one

13.   Thing two

14.   Thing three

15.   Thing four

16.   What part of American culture has Dee not renounced?

17.   What does Dee seem to prefer over substance?

18.   Walker implies Hakim-a-barber is more interested in professing an ideology than what?

19.   What does Maggie’s character represent?

20.   What do Maggie’s scars symbolize?

21.   When does Dee first speak to Maggie?

22.   Name two details that demonstrate Maggie is aware of her heritage?

23.   According to White, what does Mama represent?

24.   When Mama uses the name “Wangero,” what tone does White suggest is in her voice?

25.   What does Mama see in Maggie’s scarred hands?

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