Syllabus English IV Spring 2017

Honors English IV

Spring 2017

Mrs. Douglas 211


Course Goals and Description: Based on the NC Essential Standards for English IV – Honors:

This advanced course requires the student to refine composition skills and methods of development in the composing of critical analyses and expository essays. Comprehension skills are practiced in the study of British Literature in relation to the history and development of effective writing skills through expository and persuasive essays, original narratives, and speeches. The study of major literary works will be a requirement during the course.


English IV is a requirement for graduation. All students will be required to take the NC Final Exam for English IV. The exam grade will comprise 25% of the student’s final average.

Contact Information: School Phone#: 242-3400 ext: 2042

Email address: Planning period: 4 1:30 to 3 pm

Tutoring any day before school, after school with an appointment


Required Materials:

1. 1 ½ inch binder

2. 5 tab Dividers

3. Pens/Pencils

4. Loose leaf paper


Class Rules:

  1. Respect your teacher and each other

  2. Raise your hand

  3. Stay on task the entire period

  4. Stay in your seat until the bell rings

  5. No phones or texting during class

  6. No food, drink, or gum

  7. ALL other rules of CBA will be followed in this class, esp. dress code.


Other required activities:

  • DGP will be done daily, with a Quiz on Thursday.

  • The weekly 20 vocabulary words will be tested on Friday. Please access app to help you study, using level G, unit (# that we are on) to find the correct words.

  • Blog questions will be online at: on a weekly basis. You MUST register on this site to post.

  • Vocabulary from the selections read will be tested.

  • 1984 will be our out of class reading selection, completed in the first 12 weeks.

  • We will complete the required Writing Portfolio.






Major Reading:

Work required:

1. Anglo-Saxons

Heroes and their traits



Beowulf research paper

2. Middle Ages

Regular people/ Hypocrisy

Canterbury Tales

Chart and Project

3. Renaissance

Fatal Flaws


Reading and acting

4. Restoration/ 18th century

Moral Obligations

A Modest Proposal

Written response

5. Romantic




6. Victorian/ Modern World

Moral Lessons

Short stories

Written response


Each section will offer summarizing, quizzing, reading, testing, and writing opportunities. We will also be viewing a few films, as related to our study.


Honor Code:

All students are expected to do their own work. Students are not to share answers with other students and students are not to turn in the work of others as their own. Students who are caught cheating on any assignment will receive a grade of zero for that assignment and parent contact will be made. In additional cases of cheating, students will be referred to the appropriate member of the school administration for disciplinary action.


Class Grading is as follows:

Class work &

Homework ….. 10%

Out of class &


Assignments….. 20%

Online Blog &

Daily DGP….. 20%

Collection & DGP

Quizzes..… 20%

Story tests,

Papers & Vocabulary ….. 30%


School grading scale:

A= 90-100

B= 80-89

C= 70-79

D= 60-69

F= Below 60


Final Average Computation:

1st 9 weeks average= 37.5%

2nd 9 weeks average= 37.5%

NC Final Exam= 25%


Out of class reading: The Honors student will be expected to read 1984 out of class. This novel, and its associated work, will be given to the student to complete on his/her own time.


Online Blog: You will be required to read and respond to my online blog entry each week. On Monday it will be removed and you will not be able to earn those points. Please use your student Google account to register and post on the blog.


Blog Rules:

  1. Everything that you write can be read by every one of my students. Do not post very personal things.

  2. Never include any identifying information, even though I have set the blog to only be accessible to those who register to read/write it.

  3. The points earned each week, joined by the possible 30 pts earned for daily DGP every three weeks, will be recorded under the Blog section, worth 20% of your final grade.


Class Routine:

    1. DGP- copy sentence and work on

    2. Vocabulary- review

    3. Homework - review

    4. Lecture/Instruction/Reading

    5. Reinforcing activity

    6. Prepare for next day


Tabs: Your binder will be organized as such: DGP, Vocabulary, Collection Notes/Story Notes, Writing, and Out of Class assignments (5 tabs needed)


Final Exam: Every student in this class will take the NC State Final Exam at the end of the course, worth 25% of your final class grade.






















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understand the rules and procedures for this class.




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