MLA cheat sheet / Writing Resources

Excelsior Online Writing Lab (thesis statement review):

Use MLA format for ALL formal essays and research papers. The following standards will guide you:

1. Type your essay on a computer and print a copy on standard, white, 8.5 X 11-inch paper.

2. Save your essay to your Google account.

3. Print your essay on one side of the paper. Use black ink.

4. Set margins to one inch on all sides.

5. Use legible fonts such as Times New Roman or Cambria. The font size should be 12 pt. Lines should be double spaced.

6. Include a header in the upper left corner of the first sheet. This header should include your name, my name (S. Edwards), the class title, and the date. Note the example:

Your first and last name
S. Edwards
English IV
19 September 2017

*In addition, include a header in the upper right corner of subsequent pages. This header should contain your last name and the page number. 

7. The following links will aid you in formatting citations (parenthetical and works cited) for sources: