Syllabus English I

English 9 Syllabus                                                                                                             Spring 2018

Teacher: Mrs. Beyanka Elliott Lewis

School Phone Number:  (919) 242- 3400 Ex. 2095

Email address:

Conferences are set as needed (3:15-4:00)

Tutoring Opportunities:  Monday and Thursdays (3:15-3:45)


Welcome!!!! I look forward to working with you this semester as we strive for academic excellence.  The course description and expectations are listed below and must be adhered to.  Distractions keep me from teaching and you from learning.  If issues can not be resolved in the classroom or if it is requires immediate attention, YOU will be removed from class/situation and dealt with on an administrative level.


Course Goals and Description:  Based on the NC Essential Standards, English 9 is a course that reviews language skills through the development of the narrative, descriptive, expository, and persuasive forms of writing on the study of different genres of literature.  Emphasis is placed on vocabulary (SAT and literary terms included) and reading comprehension.  Students will also express reflections and reactions to text, evaluate text, make informed opinions and participate in conversations about written analysis of literary genres, elements and traditions.  Students will also review standard grammatical conventions (parts of speech). 


Required Materials:

3 ring binder/folder

notebook paper




Assignment/Homework Policy/Late Work:

Various assignments will be given to you throughout the semester.  All work should be viewed as important and should be taken seriously.   Assigned task/homework will be due at the beginning of class. Failure to turn in assignments will result in points deducted for being late.  Students are also expected to complete all assignments. Please remember that homework is a vital part of learning and will be used to reinforce concepts that were taught in class. There is a penalty for ALL late work.  Govern yourselves accordingly.



When you are absent it is your responsibility to see me before or after class or school in order to see what you have missed and to make arrangements to complete anything missed.


Testing Policy:

You will be expected to take test on the days that test are scheduled unless you are absent.  If you are absent, you will need to make up the test on the day that you return.


Grading Policy:                                                Final Average Computation:

Test/Projects/Essays -50%                                   1st Nine Weeks-          40.0

Quizzes- 30%                                                     2nd Nine Weeks-         40.0

Classwork/ Homework -20%                                 NC Final Exam-           20.0


Restroom Use:  

Please make every attempt to use the restroom in between classes.  Students who have medical conditions that warrant frequent restroom visits should speak to me personally. Bathroom passes will be issued so use them wisely!  If you have health issues, please conference with me individually.



  1. Respect yourself, your classmates and me!
  2. Be on time, prepared and responsible.
  3. Keep our classroom clean.
  4. NO CELL PHONES unless it’s teacher directed!!
  5. Display a positive attitude.


Cell Phones will not be permitted during class unless it is TEACHER directed! Cell phones will be confiscated if they are out and the student appears to be on them (checking the time, texting, on social media sites, etc). A consequence will follow and possibly turned in to the office. 

**On TEST/QUIZ days ALL cell phones will be collected until testing is over.


Honor Code:

All students are expected to do their own work.  Students are not to share answers with other students and students are not to turn in the work of others as their own.  Students who are caught cheating on any assignment will receive a grade of zero for that assignment and parent contact will be made.  In additional cases of cheating, students will be referred to the appropriate member of the school administration for disciplinary action.


If at any time conditions warrant, I reserve the right to send you directly to the appropriate member of the school administration.



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