OCS Applied Science

Occupational Course of Study-Applied Science

Teacher:  Coletta Campbell-room 707

School Phone 919-242-3400 (ext. 2085)

Email Address:  colettacampbell@wcps.org


Rules and Expectations:

*Be on time to class

*No book bags allowed in class

*Follow dress code procedures

*Have admit slips before coming to class

*Have materials ready prior to class starting (2 pencils sharpened and binder to keep classwork organized)

*Keep notebooks/binders organized

*No eating, drinking or chewing gum in class

*Leave classroom neat upon departure

*Be respectful to teachers and peers

*Participate in all classroom activities

*Complete homework on time


Overview of Occupational Course of Study Applied Science:

Essential Standards:

1. Understand force and motion

2. Understand energy and its conservation

3. Understand electricity and magnetism

4. Understand properties of matter (color, shape, volume, density, texture)

5. Identify the uses and dangers of common chemicals

6. Understand how humans can have positive and negative effects on the environment

7. Understand the human body’s basic needs and control systems


You are required to make up any work you miss within 5 days of returning back to school.

Please contact me if you are going to be absent from class.  If I do not hear from you, I will be contacting you myself.  

Communicate with your teacher:  

919-242-3400 (ext 2035) or colettacampbell@wcps.org

Grades for this class will be follows:

* Class Work:  25%

* Project:  25%

* Quiz: 25%

* Test:25%

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