French 1 Syllabus

French I Course Code: 10412 Level: S Credit: 1

The first level of the foreign language consists of the study of language, literature, composition and culture. The skills of reading, writing, listening, speaking, and comprehending begin. Included is the study of basic grammar, spelling, vocabulary, and speech. Study of the life and customs of the people fosters the knowledge of a culture other than one’s own and, in turn, a development of attitudes which may lead to a better understanding and appreciation of other people.


General Expectations:


In order to create a safe learning environment students must:


1. Be sat down when the bell rings and ready to start.


2. Be equipped with all necessary materials pen/pencil, textbook, exercise book.


3. Participate in class with a positive attitude.


Class participation and co-operation will have a significant impact on your overall grade for this class. Respect and tolerance for all persons in the class must be shown at all times. Every student is expected to remain on task from bell to bell and complete all assignments to the best of their ability.


No behavior will be tolerated that:


a.) Keeps the teacher from teaching.

b.) keeps the students from learning.

c.) Is not safe or in accordance with school rules (rudeness, swearing, sleeping, the use of cell phones not related to learning and the destruction of property.)


Any such action will result in a discipline referral, the contact of a parent or guardian, and a possible in or out of school suspension.


The grading scale is broken down as follows.


Tests: 40%          Quizzes: 30%                       Participation  : 20%                     Projects: 10%


A = 90-100

B= 80-89

C= 70-79

D= 60-69

F= Below a 60


1st 9 weeks average = 37.5%


2nd 9 weeks average = 37.5%


Final Exam= 25%


Progress reports will be distributed every 3 weeks and a report card at the end of every 9 and 18 weeks.


Bathroom passes will only be granted in case of emergencies. In addition to this, be sure to inform the school administration and myself of any medical condition approved by the Wayne County Health Department or Certified Doctor which could be in issue in this matter.

Supply list 
Pen, pencil and loose paper with a binder or notebook.
Here is an overview of what is covered in each unit.

Unit 1


Greetings, introductions, number (0-20), alphabet


Unit 2


Hobbies, pronouns, conjugation of regular -er verbs, adverbs, opinions, negation


Unit 3


Food / drink (indefinite / definite articles), ordering at a restaurant, (numbers 20-100) euros, saying whether you're hungry or thirsty, telling the time on the hour, conjugation of aller.


Unit 4


Classroom objects, conjugation of avoir, school subjects, days of the week, dates, telling your birthday and year of birth. French school system. Conjugation of regular -ir verbs. Telling the exact time /using 24 hour clock.


Unit 5


Members of the family. Hair color / eye color. Asking someone's age, giving your own age, Telling who you look like, using possessive adjectives, understanding how the verb avoir (to have) is used in French where the verb to be is used in English, pets, conjugation of the verb être, masucline, feminine, singlular and plural forms of adjectives. Family tree.


Unit 6


Countries, nationalities, conjugation of venir. Saying what country / city someone is from.using de to show ownership, jobs, indefinite articles in negative sentences, c'est vs il est / elle est, geography of France, weather, seasons, conjugation of faire, different ways to ask questions. Describing a celebrity.


Unit 7


Clothes, using aller + infinitive to form the future tense, à + definite articles, colors, irregular adjectives, position of adjectives, conjugation of regular -re verbs. Fashion show


Unit 8


Shopping at the grocery store for fruit / Veg, conjugation of vouloir + pouvoir, demonstrative adjectives, different places to buy food, expressions of quantity, discussing French cuisine from around the world, the partitive article, comparitive of adjectives.


Unit 9


Rooms of the house, furniture / applicances,  de + plural adjectives, conjugation of the verb prendre, using the imperative, setting the table, conjugation of  the verb mettre.


Unit 10


Body parts, present tense of the verb falloir, verbs + infinitives, negative expressions, saying a certain part of your body hurts or that you're not feeling well, conjugation of the verb devoir.


Below are links to 2 interactive websites where you may review verbs/vocabulary covered in class.

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