French 2 Syllabus

French II Course Code: 10422 Level: S Credit: 1

Prerequisite: French I

The second level of the foreign language continues and expands the study that began in French I. Further emphasis is placed on the skills of reading, writing, listening, speaking, and comprehending. More advance grammatical structures are studied and the student develops a more extensive vocabulary. Further study of the life and customs of the people leads to a better understanding and appreciation of another culture.

General Expectations:

In order to create a safe learning environment students must

1. Be sat down when the bell rings and ready to start.

2. Be equipped with all necessary materials pen/pencil, textbook, exercise book.

3. Participate in class with a positive attitude.

Class participation and co-operation will have a significant impact on the overall grade for this class. Respect and tolerance for all persons in the class must be shown at all times. Every student is expected to remain on task from bell to bell and complete all assignments to the best of their ability.

No behavior will be tolerated that:

a.) Keeps the teacher from teaching.

b.) keeps the students from learning.

c.) Is not safe or in accordance with school rules (rudeness, swearing, sleeping and destruction of property.)

Any such action will result in the contact of a parent or guardian, a discipline referral to primetime, the loss of an in-class work grade for that day and a possible in or out of school suspension.

 The grading scale is broken down as follows.

Tests: 40%          Quizzes: 30%                       Participation  : 20%                     Projects: 10%

A = 90-100

B= 80-89

C= 70-79

D= 60-69

F= Below a 60

1st 9 weeks average = 37.5%

2nd 9 weeks average = 37.5%

Final Exam= 25%

Progress reports will be distributed every 3 weeks and a report card at the end of every 9 and 18 weeks.

At the end of the semester, there is a final exam (teacher made). This represents 25% of the final grade for the course. Students may be exempt from it, depending on their average for the first and second nine weeks and the number of absences according to the school and board policy rules and procedures.

Bathroom passes will only be granted in case of emergencies. In addition to this, be sure to inform the school administration and myself of any medical condition approved by the Wayne County Health Department or Certified Doctor which could be in issue in this matter.

Supply list 
Pen, pencil and loose paper with a binder or notebook.
French to English dictionary.


Here is an overview of what is covered in each unit  

Unit 1

Review of regular ir, er and re verbs as well as 4 main irregular verbs avoir, etre, aller and faire. Telling the time, dates, possessive adjectives, prepositions used with definite articles. Different ways of asking questions.


Unit 2 


Jobs, how to express having just done something using venir de, conjugation of mettre, prendre and voir, forming le passe compose with avoir, irregular past participles, making comparisons, giving commands/instructions/directions + making suggestions using the imperative. Cultural awareness of French art.


Unit 3


Methods of transport, geographic features, forming the passe compose with etre, present tense of partir, dormir, lire and sortir. Prepostions with cities, countries and continents, reading materials, farm animals. Ordinal numbers, making nouns plural. Cultural awareness of French products.


Unit 4


Daily routine, toiletries, reflexive verbs, appliances, housework. Improved understanding of culture of the French West Indies.


Unit 5 


Discussing French leisure activities. Conjugation of ouvrir, offrir and courir. Types of TV shows and genres of film. Direct/Indirect object pronouns. Musical instruments


Unit 6


At the post office/bank. Accessories, jewlery. Relative pronouns qui and que. Present tense of dire and ecrire. Cultural awareness of the Maghreb (Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria)


Unit 7


At the Airport/train stn. il y a + time expressions. Depuis quand/depuis combien de + present tense. Cultural focus on the chateaux de la Loire and the Palace of Versailles. Present tense of savoir and connaitre and how each one is used differently.


Unit 8

Booking a room at a hotel. Stress pronouns, understanding the difference (advantages/drawbacks) between a youth hostel and hotel. Imperfect tense. Different uses of tout. present tense of recevoir, boire. Appreciation of French poetry from the French speaking world.


Unit 9


Students research a famous person from the French speaking world who has somehow contributed to the field of science, politics, art... Professions, interrogative pronouns. Present tense of vivre and croire.


Unit 10


Condtional tense, adverbs, comparitive, the pronoun en, the oceans, seas and continents.


This link contains activities which consolidates a lot of what we cover in class and makes for a great review tool.

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