AP Calculus Syllabus

Welcome to a new semester and a new year at Charles B. Aycock! We are very excited to be apart of your adventure through the magnificent world of mathematics.

This semester, you will have the privilege of two teachers. Your primary teacher will be Mrs. Edmundson and your second teacher will be Mr. Browning, a student intern from East Carolina University. Here are a few things you and your child will need to know to be successful in our class.

Advanced Placement Calculus AB Course Code: 20767 Level: AP Credit: 1

Prerequisite: Introduction to Derivatives

Note: This is a recommended companion course to follow Introduction to Derivatives.

Advanced Placement Calculus AB is a rigorous course designed to be the equivalent of a freshman level college course. Topics studied include functions, graphs, limits of functions, continuous and discontinuous functions, differential calculus, the derivative, and integral calculus. The course encourages the geometric, numerical, analytical, and verbal expression of concepts, results, and problems. It is taught according to the outline described for AP Calculus AB by the College Entrance Examination Board. The

Student will be required to take the AP Calculus AB Exam. The AP Exam fee for this course is approximately $89. This course will satisfy the fourth year math requirement for the public universities in the UNC system.

Materials needed for class:                 

  • 2 inch binder to keep all notes and papers organized
  • Loose-leaf paper
  • TI83+ or TI84 Graphing Calculator (these calculators are supplied for the students to use at school; however, it will benefit the student to have one at home.)
  •  4 AAA Batteries

Wish List: 1 box of Kleenex, Hand sanitizer, 1 ream of paper

Classroom Rules:

  • Bring all necessary materials to class everyday
  • Be in your seat ready to work when the tardy bell rings
  • Homework is to be turned in at the very beginning of class.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to see teacher about missed assignments.
  • Be recognized before speaking and leave your seat only with permission.
  • Show respect and be polite to everyone
  • Respect other’s property
  • No food, beverages, or chewing gum in class.


Grading Procedure:                             A= 93-100                  Final Average Computation

Tests                                       40%     B= 85-92                     1st 9 weeks average = 37.5%  

Quizzes                                   30%     C= 77-84                     2nd 9 weeks average = 37.5%

Homework/Classwork                30%     D= 70-76                    NC Final Exam =        25%

                                                          F= Below 70

Progress reports are given every three weeks. Extra credit is sometimes given if they are returned the next day with a parent’s signature.

Mrs. Edmundson and Mr. Browning will be available Wednesday afternoons from 3:00-3:45 for tutoring and extra help to those students who may need it.  We may be able to set other times for tutoring upon request.

If you have any questions concerning this course feel free to contact us at school,

(919)-242-3400. You may also make an appointment to meet with us during my planning period everyday from 1:30-3:00. Provided below is my email address that will be the easiest form of communication


Mrs. Edmundson                                           


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