Breedlove, Elizabeth



My name is Elizabeth Breedlove and I am a new science teacher here at Charles B Aycock. I have a degree in Environmental Science from North Carolina State University and several  years of non-formal teaching experience with outdoor programs at the NC Museum of Natural Science. 

I hope my experiences with nature and the outdoors translate to an interesting semester students have never experienced before. 

I am here to encourage success in students. Nothing is more satisfying than to see success.

My Class Schedule (Fall 2017):

1st                     Biology
2nd                    Physical Science
3rd                     Biology
4th                     Planning 1:30-3:00

My Class Schedule (Spring 2018):

1st                     Physical Science
2nd                    Biology
3rd                     Planning 11:30-1:20
4th                     Biology

If a student is in need of tutoring I am available by appointment before and after school. Please take advantage of this!

My designated tutoring time (for walk-in) Mondays from 3:00 to 3:45

The best way to contact me is by email. This will have the fastest and most efficient response.

School Phone Number (you can ask for me)   919-252-3400

SYLLABUS Welcome to class! Here is important information and guidelines for you to understand and follow to be successful in this class throughout the semester.


1. Be Polite and Respectful to your peers, teachers, and self.

2. Be prepared for class (binder, book, note cards, paper, and pens/pencil, highlighters)

3. Be on time! If you are not on time you will go to tardy central!

4. Raise hand to ask or answer questions.

5. Stay seated at all times unless given permission.

6. No food or drink (except water) is allowed at all in the science room.

7. You have 5 minutes to go to the bathroom. (Read bathroom section for more about it) There will be 3 times to use the bathroom in my class FOR THE ENTIRE NINE WEEKS.

8. ABSOLUTELY NO cell phones are permitted to be out in my classroom, there are NO WARNINGS.  If I see it, you will lose 5 points on your next test and have it taken away.

Disciplinary Actions

See student handbook.


Required Everyday: 3 ring binder or section in big binder, notebook paper, writing utensil

Optional but Helpful: colored pencils, notecards, tissues, paper towels


Classwork & Bell Ringers = 15% Assigned almost daily and a grade is given to all the assignments. Classwork will need to be made-up if missed.

Labs & Quizzes = 15% Labs are periodically given and graded based on work with peers

and critical thinking of questions and assignments. Quizzes are often and will cover less information than a test.

Tests = 60% → They are given at the end of a unit.  If absent on test day, you will have 5

days to make-up.

Notebook = 10% → Students are required to take notes. Notebook checks will be random. Notebooks will include: bellringers, some exit tickets, interactive notes, handwritten notes, and some worksheets,

Make-up Policy

Any missing class work and/or quizzes will need to be made up within five days of coming back to school. It is your responsibility to check with me about missing work at an appropriate time (during journal, class work, or at the end of class). Missed tests will be made up within 5 days of the test or when you return to the class. Test make-up is done after-school, during my lunch, or a time decided on by the teacher and student together.

Final Exam:

The final exam will be given to every student and graded according to the county policy.

Final Grade Calculation:

1st Quarter Grade: 40%

2nd Quarter Grade: 40%

EOC of NCFE: 20%

Attendance Policy

It is strongly encouraged that you make it to class EVERYDAY.  If you are absent you will be given 5 days make up your work.  If it is not made up within the 5 days you will be given a 2 in the grade book.

Extra Credit

Extra credit will be available to the class at my discretion and result in a coupon for class use or points to be added to the assignment. Extra credit opportunities will always be given to the ENTIRE class. There will be no personal extra credit at the end of the semester to bring up a failing grade.


A bathroom break is no more than 5 minutes long. You will need to raise your hand and wait to be called on. Bathroom breaks in class are supposed to be for emergencies. A doctor’s note will be required to use the bathroom more than 3 times in a grading period, or it is considered an attempt to skip class. Unused bathroom breaks are worth FIVE FREE POINTS OF EXTRA CREDIT EACH. At the end of the semester, these extra credit points can be redeemed on any assignment except a midterm or the final exam. This is an opportunity to get up to 40 points extra credit with no work required. You also get only one pass a class period. I do have the right to say no to the bathroom if it becomes a habit. Also, no one will go to the bathroom during instruction, tests, quizzes, notes or labs. So the best thing to do is use it during the six minute class change.