Chemistry Standard

Chemistry Standard

This is a full semester course designed to further the investigations in the structure of atoms, their chemical relationships, and the conservation of energy in these relationships. The NC Standard Course of Study standards for Chemistry will be followed in order to prepare all students to become career and college ready. This course will also provide students with appropriate laboratory experiences to supplement these investigations. Mathematics is the foundation of all of the physical sciences including Chemistry, therefore, it is strongly recommended that students have completed Algebra I/Math I and have completed/concurrently registered for Geometry/Math II. In addition, all Standard Chemistry students will be required to take the NC Final Exam for Chemistry.

Chemistry Standard Syllabus & Safety Agreement Fall 2016
Notebook Setup 2016

Unit 1: Introduction to Chemistry
01 What is Chemistry?
02 Math of Chemistry (Honors)
03 Physical Properties

Unit 2: Atomic Concepts
01_History of the Atomic Model

Unit 3: Nuclear Chemistry
01 Radiation, Decay, Half-life
02 Fission and Fusion

Review Guide for Test 1 (PDF)

Unit 4: Periodic Table & Electron Configuration
01 Electron Configuration & Average Atomic Mass
02 Periodic Table Introduction
03 Periodic Table 2 Groups
04 Periodic Table 3 Trends

Review Guide for Test 2: Periodic Table And Electron Config (PDF)

Unit 5: Chemical Bonding
01 Chemical Bonding - Ionic Bonding
02 Chemical Bonding - Covalent Bonding
03 Chemical Bonding - Molecular Polarity

Chemical Bonding Review 2016-17_filled

Ionic Compound Flashcards

Unit 6: Chemical Quantities & Chemical Reactions
02 Moles & Mole Calculations
03 Balancing_Chemical_Equations

Chemical Quantities Review Guide

Unit 7:Stoichiometry
01 Stoichiometry
Stoichiometry Project

Unit 8: The Gas Laws
01 Gas Laws KMT-Ideal Gas Law
02 Combined Gas Law
03 Partial Pressures

Unit 9: Solutions
01 Solubility
02 Concentration

Review Guide for Gas Laws & Solutions (PDF)

Unit 10: Acids & Bases
01 Acids_and_Bases
02 Acid-Base Reactions

Unit 11 & 12: Kinetics & Equilibrium and Thermochemistry
01 Reaction_Rates
02 Reversible_Reactions
03 LeChateliers_Principle

01 Thermochemistry
02 Heat in Changes of State

Extra Credit Note Packet: Kinetics & Equilibrium and Thermochemistry

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