American History 1: Schoolnet Review Test Codes
1.  Access your student power school account
2. Scroll to the top left and click on the grey arrow pointing inward.
3.  Scroll to the schoolnet icon and click on it.
4.  Locate the Test code box in the upper left corner and insert the appropriate test code.
5. Complete and submit your test. 

Test codes:
Review Test 1:  VE7QA7XY
Review Test 2:  BE3WU5
Review Test 3:  ZE3KY2TE5
Review Test 4:  BA8TU5
Review Test 5:  DU3ZA9VU
Review Test 6:  NA8RE8
Review Test 7:  JA4FU5
Review Test 8:  TE9BA8S