Course Description

Welcome to American History I!

This semester,  we will be traveling back in time as we explore the beginnings of this country. We will practice thinking as historians as we analyze  information concerning the time period from exploration to Reconstruction.    The following concepts will be our main focus:  Turning points, Exploration, Settlement, Movement, Expansion, Conflict, Compromise, Freedom, Equality, Power, International Affairs, Foreign Policy, War, Progress, Crisis,  and “the American Dream”.  

In a “nutshell”, we will analyze our  country’s past to prepare for our country’s future!

Classroom Rules:  

1.  Bring all necessary materials. (See Supply list)

2.  Be in your seat, ready to work when the tardy bell rings.

3.  Be recognized before speaking.

4.  Show respect and be polite.

5.  Respect other people’s property.

Grading Scale:


Tests:  40%

Assessments 30%......activities to reinforce material discussed,quizzes, etc.

Professionalism 30%.... participation, daily activities

Supplies Needed:  

Paper:  straight edge in a binder or spiral bound with straight edge tear out and


Pens or Pencil

color pencils (optional)

Highlighter (strongly recommended)

(optional:  hand held pencil sharpener)

Contact info:

Planning:  1st Period