Chapter 12: Reconstruction

Ch 12 Podcasts

12.1 Politics of Reconstruction
12.2 Reconstructing Society
12.3 Collapse of Reconstruction

Ch 12 PPTS

12.1 Politics of Reconstruction
12.2 Reconstructing Society
12.3 Collapse of Reconstruction

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The Presidents Videos
Andrew Johnson
U.S. Grant

Ch 12 Vocabulary

1.  Radical Republicans
2.  Reconstruction
3.  Wade-Davis Bill
4.  Freedmen's Bureau
5.  Black Codes
6.  Fourteenth Amendment
7.  Impeach
8.  Fifteenth Amendment
9.  Scalawag
10. Carpetbagger
11. sharecropping
12. tenant farming
13. Ku Klan Klan
14.  Panic of 1873
15.  redemption
16. Compromise of 1877
17. Home rule

CH. 12 Study Guide
    • Where was Lincoln assassinated?
    • Reconstruction Plans
      • Lincoln’s 
        • The goal of Lincoln’s reconstruction plan was to rebuild the union as quickly and as easily as possible. 
        • He believed that the former Confederate states never actually left the union.  
        • HE did not want to punish the south
      • Both President Lincoln’s and President Johnson’s plans for reconstruction sought to allow Southern states to reenter the Union as quickly as possible.
      • Congressional Reconstruction 
        • One Goal was to ensure rights for former slaves.  
        • Radical Republicans in Congress believed that reconstruction should be used to force political and social reforms in the Southern States.  
        • It also required southern states to ratify the 14th Amendment.
    • Freedmen’s Bureau
      • provided for former slaves with the establishment of schools.
      • provide assistance with such things as employment and housing
    • After the Congressional elections of 1866 Republican won enough seats that they could override President Johnson’s vetoes.
    • The reconstruction period allowed for new legislation and constitutional amendments that attempted to provide equal rights and opportunities for blacks.
    • Republican governments during Reconstruction established public school systems
    • Who was the 1st African American Senator?
    • What party did most African Americans belong to in the Reconstruction Era?
    • The phrase “40 acres and a mule” was circulated after the war as a way to help former slaves.
    • Johnson’s Impeachment
      • What law did he break that led to his impeachment trial?
      • How did he violate the Tenure of office Act?
    • Southern politics in the South during Reconstruction - 
      • Former slaves voted and could serve as public officials for the first time, 
      • the Republican Party was in charge of most state governments, 
      • the federal government had more power than state governments (as evidenced by federal military occupation of the South)
    • Who were Scalawags?  Carpetbaggers?
    • What was the 13th Amendment? 14th Amendment? 15th Amendment?
    • The major result of Reconstruction was that former Confederate states were restored to full membership in the Union
    • Black codes were passed by Southern states as an attempt to deny equal rights to African Americans
    • Share cropping 
      • Provided a labor supply for plantation owners and land for freedmen,  
      • It kept former slavers economically dependent on landowners.  
      • It was most commonly practiced in the South.  
      • It Kept former slaves economically dependent on landowners. 
      • What made it different from tenant farming?
    • Election of 1876 
      • Who won?
      • Why was there no clear, immediate winner? (Think Florida)
    • Why did Northerners grow tired of reconstruction?
    • The most important result of the Compromise of 1877 was the end of Reconstruction.  Democrats agreed to the election of Republican Hayes as the winner in the Presidential election in 1876 in exchange for the removal of Federal troops from the south.  

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