Nationalism & Sectionalism

Nationalism and Sectionalism


Adams-Onis Treaty
American System  
Cotton Gin 
Erie Canal
Industrial Revolution
Indian Removal Act
 Interchangeable Parts
Mass Production
McCulloch vs. Maryland
Missouri Compromise
Monroe Doctrine  
National Road
Panic of 1837
Spoils System
Tariff of Abominations
Tariff of 1816
Trail of Tears
Whig Party

War of 1812: The First Invasion Documentary.   Answer Viewing Questions

Ch. 6.4 Lesson: War of 1812  (21 minutes)

Map of War of 1812 Activity

The Presidents Video Series 
* Washington (Viewing Guide) (Video)
* Adams (Viewing Guide) (Video)
* Jefferson (Viewing Guide) (Video)
* Madison (Viewing Guide) (Video)

Go over Ch. 7.1: Regional Economies Create Differences
* Read Ch. 7.1 in your textbook.  Complete Graphic Organizer 

Ch. 7.1 Lesson Podcast:  Regional Economies Create Differences (30 minutes)

Complete and turn in Missouri Compromise Map
Watch the 7.2 Podcast: Nationalism at Center Stage (30 minutes)
Update notes 
Court Cases. 

Watch Presidents videos Monroe-Jackson
* James Monroe (Video)
* John Quincy Adams (Video)
* Andrew Jackson (Video)

Podcast 7.3 Age of Jackson (24 minutes)

Crossword Puzzle

Take Vocabulary Quiz on Nationalism and Socialism (Make sure you turn in your definitions!)

7.4 Podcast: Age of Jackson, Pt 2/ States' Rights and Jackson's War on the Bank (28 minutes)

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