Yearbook class syllabus and expectations

Staff Manual

The Governor 2013-2014

"Success is the good fortune that comes from aspiration, desperation, perspiration and inspiration."

The Effective Staff Member. . .

  • Sets individual goals that complement overall staff goals.
  • Masters the basic skills of quality yearbook journalism and technology (learns E Design)
  • Utilizes his/her own time and that of the staff wisely.
  • Communicates!
  • Displays a cooperative spirit, strong determination and responsibility, and a willingness to learn.
  • Sells books and business ads!
  • Keeps fun staff secrets about superlatives or other spreads decided to be kept secret

Please sign this in agreement with your expectations and commitment to our Yearbook Program.

Staff member: _____________________________________________

Statement of Expectations

What is expected of you?

  1. A yearbook staff member is expected to meet deadlines.
  2. If pages are not sent to the plant on time, extra charges are added and the book may not ship on time. The editors and Mrs. Krochta will not permit either of these situations to occur. Failure to meet deadlines will result in grade deductions. If staff members are working steadily to meet their deadlines, Mrs. Krochta and the editors are more than willing to assist with the assignment.

  3. A staff member is expected to devote whatever time is necessary to complete assignments accurately and on time.
  4. Class time represents only a fraction of the time needed to prepare an amazing book. There will be several spreads that will require you to attend school functions (all spreads for the sports section!). Also you must take the initiative to find students after school, on weekends, and on holidays for picture taking.

  5. It is expected that staff members will report on time to class, will know what their responsibilities are, and will get to work without prompting.
  6. The editors and Mrs. Krochta should not have to constantly keep you on task. This book cannot be produced without each of you doing her/his specified job! Also, students must respect the editors and Mrs. Krochta’s decisions, cheerfully redo work, and cooperate with the entire school community in order to achieve the best possible results. Remember, it's a privilege to be in Yearbook!!

  7. The staff works hard and plays hard.
  8. Staff members are relied upon to know the difference and apply themselves when it's time to work. Members also need to realize that when the book is finished, the class continues. Mrs. Krochta has a responsibility to teach to the objectives of the standard course of study, and continue giving assignments and taking grades.

      Yearbook Syllabus

      Mrs. Lindsay Krochta

      Yearbook Journalism is a yearlong class in which we invent, design, photograph, write, market, and sell the yearbook. Additionally, we are in charge of changing the marquee each day.  We are also sometimes given various tasks from Dr. Moore, guidance, the English department, and other members of the staff. My opinion is biased, but this is the best class in the school, with the hardest working, most creative and intelligent students in the school. You are now a part of this family. Welcome to room 206!

      Grading- Here are the percentages that will make up your 9 weeks grades:

      Deadlines- 40%

      *You will be graded on having your assigned work completed by the deadline (date and time) you are given. You will also be graded on the quality and content of your spread(s). Meeting deadlines is vital to production of the yearbook.

      Weekly Participation- 25%

      *You will keep an updated “time card” of what you have done each day during the week, and turn it in on Fridays. This is because every student will be doing something different every day, and it is hard for me to just to grade you based on what I see you doing (or not doing) in class. As you can see, this is an important part of your grade.

      Vocabulary Quizzes- 10%

      * You will be quizzed weekly early in the semester on Yearbook terminology. We have our own language!

      Projects- 10%

      * These will really vary. Some examples might be assisting with picture dates or organizing and distributing pictures that return to the school. It might be making posters or designing a flyer to be mailed home about senior ads. The list is endless.

      Ad Sales- 15%

      *THIS IS SO IMPORTANT!! We honestly could not make a book without selling ads, both senior and business. We must all do our part to sell ads so we can make the book more affordable for students.

      Class Expectations

      I know this is a much different atmosphere than most classes. That being said, we still have to follow school rules and abide by some additional Yearbook rules.

      1. Communicate- This is so important and there are many examples. We need to tell each other in the nicest way possible when spreads need changed/added to etc. This will primarily be the job of editors and Mrs. Krochta. Please do not take it personally if you are asked to re-do something on your spread. You are being asked because we want to make the best book possible.

      2. Respect each other and Mrs. Krochta- I said Yearbook is a family, and we sometimes fight like a family too. Please be considerate and respectful of each others feelings. I do not have time for drama. We have too much to do in this class to get petty about he said/she said. Please do your best to resolve issues face to face with the person. When you begin talking behind backs, people get their feelings hurt. Please come to me with major issues. As the teacher/adviser, I can sometimes say/do something about a situation easier than you can.

      3. Keep your phone in your pocket/purse. The only exception is if you are making a call to a business for ad selling purposes. If I see this is a problem for any of you, I am going to start collecting phones daily and returning them at the end of class. Because of how this class is structured, I can’t let you sit on Twitter and text all day wasting time. I won’t stand for it. So break the habit of being addicted to your phone. I promise you will live 1.5 hrs. without being on it. This will only be an issue if you make it one!! :)

      4. Work Hard- Despite what it appears from the outside, this class is a ton of work. If it’s not for you, then you aren’t pulling your weight and you and I will talk. Yearbook could be two periods every day and I still feel like we/I’d have work to do. There will definitely be times that you have to devote time outside of class to get your yearbook duties completed. Please expect some outside of school time, especially close to deadlines.

      5. Game photography- Each of you will be responsible for photographing 2 games during the year. I want this to be a skill that all of us hone, and you can’t be a great photographer if you don’t shoot often. You can sign up for your dates in the first couple weeks of school. This will be one of your project grades.

      Let’s have an amazing year and sell out of our 400 copies!

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