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1. Speeding up your computer
2. Pop ups ! 
3. Internet Connectivity 
4. You Tube - downloading a video 
5. You Tube - downloading a video playlist 
6. VIRUS !!!!!!! 
7. You Tube - when you are not at home   
8. Removing avast
1.Speeding up your computer

(Most of our computers are desktops and  I’m writing from this point of view.)

1.       Blow out your computer with an airhose.

2.       Clean the RAM sticks with an eraser.

3.       Do a disk cleanup and a defrag.

4.       Clear out the recycle bin.

5.       Look at your startup programs. (In the RUN box: msconfig. Startup. Uncheck all)

6.       Check your antivirus . Is it still  valid? Run a scan.

7.       Run  malwarebytes on your machine 

 2. Pop ups !
After you have ran avast and the pop ups are still there.
This may offer relief: 
a) Malwarebytes
b) Spybot
c) adblock 
3. Internet Connectivity (Laptop)
1. Make sure you can see the available networks. (Bottom right corner you will either see four vertical bars.)
2. If you do not  cannot see any available network, chances are your wireless is off. 
3. Some laptops have them on the side. Others you have to mash Function and F6. Its different on a lot of laptops.
4. OK so you see the networks. Go to control panel. Choose 'internet connections''.
5. Right click on 'wireless connections' disable the wireless and enable it 10 seconds later. 
 4. You Tube - downloading a video
Locate the video you want to download.
Go to the addressbar 
Add 'ss' in front of the word you tube
Select MP4 with a size of 300 or 400. Those are considered normal viewing  quality. 
 5. You Tube - downloading a videoplaylist
Download 4K video
Locate you tube video from playlist
Copy the URL
Open  4K video icon
select 'paste URL'
select ' download playlist' 
 6. VIRUS !!!!!
Get the Computer off the network.
 Recommended programs to run: Microsoft Essentials
Malware treatment:  Combofix
                               Malware anti malware
Scan your computer three times.
Consult with the last few people you've emailed and share advise them about possible virus infection. 
 7. You tube downloading when you are not at home 
 8. Removing avast
-Download avastclear.exe
-Start windows in safe mode (F8)
-Open uninstall utility